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Welcome to eCampaign

Fresno County Registrar of Voters is pleased to offer a new online filing system for your campaign financial statements.  With eCampaign™, you can file your campaign financial statements electronically, 24/7, from any location that you can access internet - even from your smartphone.  


eCampaign™ allows filers to securely file and submit the following FPPC forms:


  • Form 410 - State of Organization Recipient Committee
  • Form 425 - Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity
  • Form 450 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement - Short Form
  • Form 460 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
  • Form 461 - Independent Expenditure Commitee and Major Donor Committee Campaign Statement
  • Form 462 - Veification of Independent Expenditures
  • Form 470 - Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form
  • Form 496 - 24-hour Independent Expenditure Report
  • Form 497 - 24-hour Contribution Report
  • Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
  • Form 511 - Paid Spokesperson Report


You are also able to amend prior forms, print copies of previously filed as well as newly filed forms, quickly copy information form prior year forms, and import data from a software that uses the Cal-Access file format.


Please contact our office to receive your login ID and password @ 559-600-1620 or email


Please Note: The Registrar of Voters staff cannot advise you on filling out any FPPC form.  Contact the CA Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) for free, qualified advice at:



All FPPC forms, manuals and filing schedules can be downloaded from the FPPC website.


Fresno County Ordinance 2.62.037


Fresno County Ordinance 2.62.037 

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