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Welcome to eCampaign™


Welcome to eCampaign™!


Fresno County is pleased to offer electronic filing for campaign financial disclosure forms. eCampaign™ is your online solution to tracking campaign finances and electronically submitting FPPC Forms to your Filing Officer. You can file your Campaign Statements electronically, 24/7, in the privacy of your own secured filing area.


This free online service is available to any Committee, Candidate, or Officeholder that is required to file Campaign Disclosure Statements with the Registrar of Voters.


About the System

eCampaign™ is very self-sufficient! What this means for you, as a Filer, is no more guess-work regarding information placement, reporting rules, or knowing which forms you have to file!


If you are a Committee, this makes your filing process VERY simple. All you need to do is review/enter information about your Committee and begin entering your transactions - and the system will do the rest for you! Depending on the transactions you enter (date of transaction, relation to election, etc.), the system will automatically prompt you with the correct forms to file (aside from 410 Amendments and Termination Statements). If you need additional help regarding the electronically available forms and how the system generates these forms, you will find a document in the Help Guides menu located at the bottom of the Navigation Pane titled “Available Forms and How to Find Them.”


eCampaign™ allows filers to securely file and submit the following FPPC forms:


  • Form 410 - State of Organization Recipient Committee
  • Form 425 - Semi-Annual Statement of No Activity
  • Form 450 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement - Short Form
  • Form 460 - Recipient Committee Campaign Statement
  • Form 461 - Independent Expenditure Commitee and Major Donor Committee Campaign Statement
  • Form 462 - Verification of Independent Expenditures
  • Form 470 - Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement - Short Form
  • Form 496 - 24-hour Independent Expenditure Report
  • Form 497 - 24-hour Contribution Report
  • Form 501 - Candidate Intention Statement
  • Form 511 - Paid Spokesperson Report


Getting Started and Help Guides

Via the Help Guides menu located at the bottom of the Navigation Pane, you will find a 3-5 step “Getting Started Guide” that will help you get up and running in the system, as well as additional Guides and Documentation to better facilitate your transition into electronic filing.


Thank you! We hope you enjoy your electronic filing experience!



Attention County Elected Officers:


This is a reminder that county elected officers, candidates for county offices, their controlled committees and committees formed or existing primarily to support or oppose candidates for county offices, must adhere to Fresno County Ordinance, Chapter 2.62, Section 2.62.035, when reporting monetary contributions of $25 or more. For further review click on the link for Fresno County Chapter 2.62 – Election Campaign Contributions Ordinance.

For electronic filers, it is important for the monetary contribution minimum ($25) to be manually set once and saved in eCampaign™. The instructions on how to set the Minimum Transaction Amount of $25 is in Help Guide #4, Section 2.3 at:



Attention Filers:

This is to inform you of a change to campaign contribution limits with the enactment of Assembly Bill 571 (AB 571), effective January 1, 2021.  Additionally, there was an amendment to Fresno County Ordinance Code, Title 2, Chapter 2.62 that applies to Fresno County elected offices only. 

Assembly Bill 571 (AB 571) amended and repealed sections of the Elections Code and Government Code in relation to the Political Reform Act of 1974: contribution limits.  The recent changes to the Political Reform Act “establish contribution limits for city and county elections, equal to the state legislative limit, to be regulated and enforced by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC)."  To view the State’s 2021 Contribution Limits Chart, visit  Assembly Bill 571 (AB 571) allows cities or counties to enact jurisdiction specific campaign contribution limits.  Furthermore, FPPC does not enforce a contribution limit adopted by local jurisdictions. 

On August 18, 2020, the Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance No. 20-014, adding section 2.62.040 “Campaign contribution limits” and amending section 2.62.055 “Penalty for violation” making it a misdemeanor to violate the provision of section 2.62.040.  Click on the link to view Fresno County Chapter 2.62 – Election Campaign Contributions Ordinance. 

Candidates running for city offices should check with their local City Clerk.





New addition of 2.62.040-Campaign Contribution Limits and revision of 2.62.055-Penalty for Violation


Fresno County Ordinance 2.62.040 & 2.62.055



Attention General Purpose Committees:


To file a form 497 or 496 electronically, you must first link your account to the current election.  This can be done by selecting “Election Manager” under the “Tools” section; you’ll also need to select the appropriate Ballot Item, click save.  If you are unable to file your 24 hour report electronically, fax it to 488-3279 or email to



Attention NEW Filers:


Please contact our office to receive your login ID and password @ 559-600-3044 or email If you are unable to file your 24 hour report electronically, fax it to 488-3279 or email to 


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